Well, it’s been awhile hasn’t it..

Unbelievable how much life changes in 3 years.

A new dawn?


Tommorow i’m going to be releasing some personal research for the public regarding a new hypothesis.

Working hard to put it all together presentable and understandable.

Though explaining something completely new never is 100% understood by the world eh?

Stubborn, aye.

Seem to care so much for something that likely cares verry little of me. We’re all stubborn in some way I suppose.

So many stupid fucks out there that I sometimes wonder why I care.

Another morning.

In a row. 


Bf3 time. 

To finally see the unknown.

To finally see the unknown, is quite a shellshock.

Yet it remains unknown.

(I was far too distracted for another shot when this thing was nearly above us. Its altitude was low and oddly halted over us at a stoplight.)


Seems to be what one side of me demands. 


Playing Violin, drawing and/or attempting to sleep after my 3 day binge of almost everything. 

And it’s BF3 time.

Though SWTOR wasn’t too bad.



New song, unsure where its going but ‘tis something I guess.

BEST CAPTCHA EVAR!+ 10 points for the madam. 

+ 10 points for the madam. 



My heart drops, my mind unexplainable.

In which I see is repetition.

What once I had known, I had struggled to retrieve.

But now I realize, it will never come to be.

A circle of thoughts, a few more added along the way.

Slowly building up, they begin to form decay.

Destroying myself and ones who are close.

It hasn’t any mercy.

I can only watch as people come and go.

I had wondered why they had done so.

Now I know.

They say one must understand themselves

I’m afraid I already know it is impossible.

I feel nothing, yet I feel everything.

Creativity and Motivation I once had, I now lack.16

Now I am afraid that I may never get either traits, back.

I want to be free of myself, I long for a state of content.

Taking pharmaceuticals constantly, hoping to achieve something.

So far I’ve reached nothing but discontent and a loop in my reality.

I trust no one, I cannot due to things you’d rather not hear.

I know, because I wouldn’t want too either.

But constantly I hear them, looping through my mind like a record.
This one even has rewind.

In and out, this is all there is. Emotions spinning endlessly, in every direction but up.

Don’t lie

No one will understand someone who does not understand themselves.

So save your empathy. This is something you’ll not relate.

This is a void. I’ll never return to whom I once was.

Lifeless, yet alive. I wonder how I survive.

I don’t even have the strength, to want to stop.

There’s no solution to this problem that has been built for over 21 years.

My mind continues its search, hoping that one day I will find it.

Everything else, pitched in with it.

They all form,


- Joe Riccio