Sense of urgency

I need help.. Is there anyone out there who may understand?


Will never be the same.

Well, it’s been awhile hasn’t it..

Unbelievable how much life changes in 3 years.

A new dawn?


Tommorow i’m going to be releasing some personal research for the public regarding a new hypothesis.

Working hard to put it all together presentable and understandable.

Though explaining something completely new never is 100% understood by the world eh?

Stubborn, aye.

Seem to care so much for something that likely cares verry little of me. We’re all stubborn in some way I suppose.

So many stupid fucks out there that I sometimes wonder why I care.

Another morning.

In a row. 


Bf3 time. 

To finally see the unknown.

To finally see the unknown, is quite a shellshock.

Yet it remains unknown.

(I was far too distracted for another shot when this thing was nearly above us. Its altitude was low and oddly halted over us at a stoplight.)


Seems to be what one side of me demands. 


Playing Violin, drawing and/or attempting to sleep after my 3 day binge of almost everything. 

And it’s BF3 time.

Though SWTOR wasn’t too bad.



New song, unsure where its going but ‘tis something I guess.